Energy Medicine Tips For Thyroid Issues

The Shift Doctors’ good friend and colleague Melanie Smith is co-owner of Well Within Natural Medicine, Inc., Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Senior Faculty Member of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Certification Program. Well Within Natural Medicine, Inc.’s overall mission is to “TRANSFORM LIVES THROUGH ENERGY MEDICINE.”  For more information about Melanie or to order items in her Energy Medicine Store In this article, Melanie shares information about the thyroid and energy medicine tips to balance the energies of the thyroid. Click here to visit Well Within Natural Medicine, Inc

What is the Thyroid?
When functioning properly, the thyroid gland secretes just the right amount of thyroid hormone to regulate almost all the metabolic processes in your body. Too much or too little of these vital body chemicals and it can drastically influence energy levels, body weight and your mental health. With over 20 million Americans living with some form of thyroid disease, much attention has been given to the many ways that alternative medicine can help.

The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland that sits in the front of the neck. It is responsible for energy, metabolism, hormone regulation, body weight and blood calcium levels. Thyroid disorders stem from either an over production (hyperthyroidism) or under production (hypothyroidism) of thyroid hormones. When your thyroid is not functioning properly, your body can experience a variety of symptoms:


  • Weight loss despite increased appetite
  • Increased heart rate, heart palpitations, higher blood pressure, nervousness, and excessive perspiration
  • More frequent bowel movements, sometimes with diarrhea
  • Muscle weakness, trembling hands
  • Development of a goiter (an enlargement in your neck)
  • Lighter or shorter menstrual periods



  • Fatigue, slower mental processes or depression
  • Reduced heart rate
  • Increased sensitivity to cold
  • Tingling or numbness in the hands
  • Development of a goiter (an enlargement in your neck)
  • Constipation, heavy menstrual periods or dry skin and hair

Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can be diagnosed by testing the levels of thyroid hormones in your blood. Hormones secreted by the thyroid are measured, as well as thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), a chemical released by the pituitary gland that triggers hormone production in the thyroid. Some milder forms of hypothyroidism can also be detected by a consistently low basal body temperature.  Also, an experienced Energy Medicine Practitioner can use energy testing to get information about your body’s hormonal imbalances and then using a variety of energy techniques to restore your body to a place of health and wellness.  Try using this quick tip below to help with balancing your Thyroid.

Quick Energy Medicine Tip for Balancing the Thyroid:

  • Take your thumb, index and middle fingers and bring them together
  • Hold over the Thyroid Point  (see image below)
  • Now Do the Same with your other hand and hold over the Triple Warmer Neurovascular Point at your temple for 3-5 minute.
  • Now switch hands and repeat for 3-5 minutes on the other side.
  • This is also an excellent de-stressing technique.

You may also want to try Dr. Melanie’s Harmonize the Fire protocol known for it’s effectiveness with calming the nervous system, balancing the thyroid and all hormones

Life Style Changes
When it comes to lifestyle changes, a diet rich in protein, calcium, magnesium, and iodine helps support thyroid function.  While certain foods known as goitrogens may interfere with thyroid hormone production and should be limited. These include cruciferous vegetables (such as cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts), peanuts, and soy.  Also, don’t underestimate the power of the Daily Energy Routine. Stress reducing exercises such as yoga or tai chi can also be beneficial Three Foods to Support Thyroid Function Seaweed – Iodine is an essential element that assists the thyroid in producing thyroid hormone. By increasing iodine intake patients have seen an increase in the production of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). The best natural source of iodine is kelp, bladderwrack and other seaweeds. Coconut Oil – Virgin coconut oil is praised by health experts for its ability to lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. It is made up largely of medium chain fatty acids, or triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are known to speed metabolism, promote weight loss, and raise basal body temperatures. Brazil nuts and Walnuts- These nuts contain high amounts of selenium. Many hypothyroid patients have been found to have deficiencies in this trace mineral.

How can acupuncture help? Both Western and Eastern medicine offer various methods to restore thyroid hormone levels. Western treatments rely mainly on drugs and surgery while Eastern treatments aim to restore immune function as well as balance the production and release of thyroid hormones through a variety of approaches ranging from acupuncture and herbal remedies to lifestyle changes and special exercises. In treating thyroid problems, acupuncture can be used to restore hormonal balance, regulate energy levels, smooth emotions and help manage sleep, and menstrual problems. There are several powerful acupuncture points on the ear and the body that can be used to regulate the production of thyroid hormones. Treatments take all of your symptoms into account and are aimed at balancing the energy within the body to optimize health. Hope this post is helpful to you. 🙂

The Shift Doctors will be scheduling a teleseminar with Melanie in the near future to discuss both Eastern and Western medical approaches as well as other integrative techniques for various physical issues. Stay Tuned! 🙂

Melanie Smith DOM & The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz M.D. & Marion Ross PhD)

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  1. Thank you, Doctor Marion. I will definitely try this. I’ve been looking for natural remedies for my underactive thyroid.

    I have a question. I’m taking chlorella for several reasons ~ mainly to offset heavy metal poisoning. But do you think the iodine available in chlorella would be as good as taking seeweed?

    I also wondered if you could recommend any acupressure positions for tinnitus, which I’ve also had since I had labyrinthitis in the summer.

    Many thanks,

    I love your tweets, by the way, but follow you as The Therapy Book, which is also mine.


    • Ishtar,
      The chlorella iodine should be ‘as good’ as the iodine in seaweed… no worries. 🙂
      Tinnitus (or any issues with hearing) would be linked with the kidney meridian in traditional Chinese medicine- so accupressure points along the kidney meridian could be helpful. Tinnitus may also be caused by excess sialicylic acid in the diet – sialicylic acid is in aspirin-containing products as well as in most beers, tomato-based products and many other items in a typical daily diet. You might want to look up a ‘sialicylic acid-free diet’ to see what you might consider eliminating. 🙂
      Loads of Light to you, my friend!

  2. My thyroid has been removed for thyroid cancer, so I was wondering – how does one balance thyroid energy when there is no thyroid physically present?

    • Even though your physical thyroid has been removed, you still have your etheric thyroid (the physical template on which our physical cells, atoms, molecules and organs align and take shape). The energy meridians are what is being affected when doing energy medicine techniques- they are tied in with our etheric body and thus affect out physical body when stimulated. The etheric body is also known as our vitalizing body- bringing vitality and health to our physical body. Hope this helps you understand, Susanna 🙂 Loads of Light to you, my friend!

  3. I’ve been taking thyroid replacement pills for over ten years and it usually stays in check, but is there any reason why the holistic approach is much better than the replacement pill?

    also, when my thyroid levels change, i notice more food sensitivities. or so i think. is there a link?

    • Heather, Thyroid pills act directly on the physical thyroid once a physical issue has already manifested. Holistic approaches (including energy medicine, reiki, vibrational medicine) can work on not only the physical body but also the etheric body, emotional/emotional (a.k.a. astral) bodies, and can also have effects on the spiritual body (the connection of our True Essence/soul/solar ego aspect to our physical body). Thus, holistic approaches can have an effect before physical disease has even manifested in the body. That is why a combination of approaches can be quite helpful. When using such an integrative approach of combining both Western & holistic approaches, you would monitor periodically the need for continued use of medication.

      The thyroid has effects on metabolism in almost every realm in the body- so it makes sense that people could have food sensitivities as they metabolize food differently.It can also create anxiety or depression when the thyroid is either overactive or underactive.
      Hope this helps 🙂

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