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I get a fair amount of gas from conventional scientists when I report EFT’s apparent results on inanimate objects (e.g. cars start, toilets become unplugged, stubborn computers reboot properly, etc). They tend to dismiss these reports as silliness because they aren’t readily explainable in conventional scientific terms. However, this article should be of particular interest to such skeptics because it is written by a scientist, i.e. Laurence Manning, a retired professor of engineering at Stanford University. Read it and decide whether or not EFT helped this persistent computer problem.


By Laurence Manning

Dear Gary,

As you say, “Try it on Everything”. I did and the results were so amazing that I want to pass them on to you! I am an 85 year old retired Stanford Electrical Engineering professor. Among other things, I have taught classes on computer architecture. I taught about CPUs and memory and the like, all very physical.

However a couple of years ago I gave my wife a new computer for Christmas. It worked fine for quite a while, but within a few months it had developed the habit of turning itself off spontaneously. When the computer was first turned on in the morning, it would turn itself off maybe 7 or 8 times before settling down. I encouraged her to call the manufacturer’s help line and finally several months later, she did.

The person who answered the phone was located in India, and was very pleasant. Since the computer had settled down in an ON mode, he was able to trouble shoot for 30 minutes, and said that the computer was in perfect condition. Yes, except the problem was unaffected. A few days later my wife called back, and got a different technician. This one said to back up all data files, and to reformat the hard disk. We didn’t take on this formidable task. However, I had recently studied EFT, and decided there was nothing to lose by trying to do a surrogate tapping on the computer.

So I got comfortable about two bedrooms away from the computer, and proceeded to do a few rounds of mechanical EFT. I used a setup phrase like:

Even though my wife’s computer has been turning itself off, we deeply and completely accept it but choose that the computer stay on unless turned off by a human being.

For a reminder phrase I used:

Computer turns self off

I used the 9 gamut followed again by the setup, and repeated this procedure a number of times. The result was that for the next 8 days the computer didn’t turn itself off even once! After 8 days, though it did turn off spontaneously, though only a few times per day. For three days this relapse continued. So I gave EFT another shot at the computer and it responded by functioning normally for another 7 days. It then turned off once and I followed up with EFT right away. This resulted in proper operation of the computer for 3 months. It then went bad after an hour. My final application of EFT has been followed by correct operation to date (34 days and counting)..

So why did EFT work? I don’t suppose that the computer has acupuncture points or meridians. It seems more likely that it was a matter of intention, similarly to William Tiller’s spoon bending demonstration. If so maybe the procedure could be described as intention directed by the affirmations, and focused and intensified by the tapping.



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