The following is directly quoted from a friend (M. Kelley Hunter) of a friend (Steve Nelson- astrologer extraordinaire in Charlotte, NC). Kelley has the following to say about the incredible

eclipse that is occurring this week:


The NEW MOON on July 21-22 (10:35pm EDT) is the one of most powerful SOLAR ECLIPSEs of

the century. Lasting over 6 1/2 minutes, this eclipse is unusually lengthy, so the ripple effects

of its transformational impact in our lives may also last longer, even years.

The path of the totality starts in India and moves eastward across Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan,

Myanmar, central China, and skims the south outlying islands of Japan. What NASA called the

“greatest eclipse” point hits southeast of Japan, an earthquake hotspot, before trailing off into

penumbral shadow: //

The eclipse takes place right on the edge of Cancer and Leo, signs of the two lights, the Moon and the Sun. This is high drama. As the orb of the Moon crosses and covers the orb of the Sun. it is as if the light of the Sun is taken into the body of the Moon and given rebirth. A potent conception takes place in the dark mystery. The Moon sheds old patterns that no longer serve our personal and collective growth. She says, “You don’t need this anymore.”

You might not agree when time reveals what “this” might be for you. But if you listen to your deepest feelings, you will be able to let go more easily. In the sunshine of your heart, don’t you know we are emerging into a new day, like a butterfly from its cocoon? Aren’t we all feeling the potential of some extraordinary shift? This eclipse makes it quite clear as it moves us along toward the pivotal year of 2012.

My astrology colleague Dulce Bell-Bulley offers a lovely and meaningful piece of advice for this Eclipse: CHERISH WHAT IS PRECIOUS TO YOU AND LET GO OF THE REST.
Check out what more she has to say at

If you have planets at the end of Cancer, this eclipse asks you major questions about your life. This would include groups of persons, like those born the end of 1954 with Jupiter and Uranus there and those born 1937-38 who have Pluto at the end of Cancer.

Also, if you have planets at the end of Capricorn, you are feeling this eclipse in relation to other persons in your life. This includes everyone born in 1995-1996 with both Uranus and Neptune coming out of that important conjunction. People born at these times are members of a generation who are “on the spot” in the larger developments of this time.


This eclipse takes place in the Moon mansion called Pushya, the Lotus. Of all the 27 asterisms that monitor the Moon’s movement through its monthly cycle, this is the most favorable,, according to Mother India where the eclipse starts. Fitting the Cancer theme this Mansion promises NOURISHMENT. In the darkness of the eclipse we attend a cosmic banquet, a cornucopia of potentials and possibilities. You will find what you need.

The Sabian Symbol for the last degree of Cancer is:


A revolution is in progress. At this New Moon, it is Venus, the female quality that plugs directly into the planetary pattern of social change. Venus is closely aligned with Saturn, carefully considering our values, our financial situation and our emotional well-being in a common sense, let’s-get-the-job-done sort of way. Venus in Gemini offers options, various opinions and flexibility in listening to new ideas. Saturn is looking for the best idea that will work in the long run.

Venus is also having some “words” with Uranus, the Change Agent, the Awakener, the planet of revolution. In NYC, home of the Statue of Liberty, Uranus stands on the Ascendant of the New Moon eclipse, suggesting unexpected developments in the Big Apple. Just a couple of weeks ago, on the 4th of July, the crown of the Statue of Liberty was reopened to visitors for the first time since 9/11/01.

How incredibly symbolic! The crown (chakra) is reawakened. Let the light shine in. After the eclipse, within one hour the Moon and within one day the Sun both move into the sunshine sign of Leo. Creativity and play rule the day. We can pull on something so natural to us, perhaps long forgotten or relegated to childhood memories. The game is afoot and we can make up some new rules.


CHIRON and JUPITER are conjunct to the minute mere hours after the eclipse, expanding our access to the quantum shift. Prepare for another high-level cosmic download. Overwhelm is a word that represents what many are feeling these days. Neptune’s participation in this trio heightens our sensitivity. If we don’t take enough time to center and ground, anxiety and worry lower vitality and undermine our perceptive abilities and intuitive vision. We can only take one hour at a time. Though the days seem to be going quickly, just one hour can hold a huge surge of awareness. Some of the changes we experience are likely to be abrupt, disruptive and emotionally upsetting. Anger can be one reaction, inspiration and motivation another. If we are on our toes and in the flow, we can respond most appropriately for results that appear even magical. Such an eclipse offers a potent moment to unplug from negative pools of energy. Using the analogy of a new program being downloaded into a computer, this eclipse suggests that the download is complete and the restart button is pushed. Are you with the new program?

The Black Moon Lilith steps out of the dark moment of this eclipse, opposite the eclipse in Capricorn.

This ancient female figure exists in the aetheric fields that weave through Heaven and Earth. Whether we experience her as Angel or Demon depends on our level of reverence toward the meta-physical, In Capricorn, she stands like the ancestor stones of Avebury or Stonehenge with presence and authority, directing the graphic intricacies of this year’s crop circles [see] Wherever these messages come from, they teach us sacred geometries, cosmic patterns and evocative glyphs.

The Black Moon relates to the aetheric body, a web of energy streams of light and vitality. We each have our own invisible aetheric body that energizes our physical body and integrates it into the larger field of Earth and Cosmos. The eclipse is like an exclamation point that inevitably points out how well our aetheric body is adjusting to the intensifying Earth changes. If we can take this “lights out” moment, we can realign and freshen.

During this eclipse, whether you can see it or not, the Black Moon points at you and at me, requiring that we take a stand, stepping out of any external chaos and internal disorder that threatens our well-being, definitively severing any habit, contending with any person that inhibits or holds us back from following our true path. This is no moment to be sentimental. No, this is a critical juncture, to stand firm in the power of darkness and let it wash us clean and nourish us. This is not about our comfort level, but our soul’s maturing. We each have our contribution to make as we create a new world together. I am We. How do we want it to be?

Thank you Steve and Kelley for the information- use it for the Shift you want in your life!

Loads of Light,

Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.

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