Create Anew Daily!

We create very powerfully in our lives every day with our thoughts and our intense emotions/intentions.  We create just as powerfully whether we are creating from our shadow thoughts or from our positive, loving thoughts.  When we get caught up in the busy pace of our lives, it is easy to fall into old, unenlightened thought/emotional patterns.  It is crucial to be aware every day of how we are creating in our lives.  How do we stay centered and mindful of creating daily in a place of joy and compassion?  I would love to hear how each of you find ways to center daily.  Feel free to share your story!

Symbols are powerful! We respond very powerfully to symbols that resonate strongly with us as they represent so many concepts/intentions in one discrete “package” of energy.  A symbol that resonates with one’s most heartfelt desire or intention is quite intensely powerful for manifesting rapidly in one’s life.  I have created intention posters at times (intending to powerfully manifest a concept or path in my life) where I will choose pictures, drawings or symbols that resonate strongly with the path that I am desiring to create in my life.  Then I put the poster up where I will see it daily and I will spend a few moments every day sending my heartfelt energy toward the symbols and path that I am manifesting.  It tends to shift energy very quickly!

There is also a quick qigong technique of seeing yourself scooping up “liquid Light” and forming your most heartfelt goals/intentions in an energetic space in front of you that can be very powerful and might resonate with some people out there that practice tai chi or qigong or for those who are practiced in working with energy or qi/chi.

How do each of you manifest YOUR intentions? What tends to work best for you?

Loads of Light to you!

Tracy Latz, M.D.

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