Ask the Docs: Integrative Approach to Changing Your Fortune or Situation

We have received two interesting ‘Ask the Docs‘ Questions today that have a common thread in Creating with Mindful Choices. They are both coming from the awareness of being in victim energy, and each person could choose to be on the threshold of empowering themselves by examining current limiting beliefs and making mindful choices.

The first ‘Ask the Docs’ question asked:

“Do you foresee a change in my fortune?”

Our response:

YOU are in charge of creating your life by your choices, and what the future ultimately holds is up to you! We are ALL very powerful in our choices as we are truly ONLY in control of 3 things in our life: 1) Where we choose to focus our thoughts (on what is negative in our life,  or on what our heartfelt desire to create is); 2) What emotions we choose to dance in (anger, resentment, guilt, shame, fear, love or compassion); and 3) What we choose to do in our actions– and a choice to do nothing IS a choice. Become the master of your thoughts and emotions by first becoming mindful of whether you are creating from Fear (anger, resentment, guilt, shame, sense of abandonment) or from Love/Compassion. Once you are aware of your intention (Fear vs Love), you can make a choice to transform negative or lower vibrational thoughts and emotions, set your heartfelt goals of what you truly desire to create, and go re-create your life one decision at a time from the present moment. You are never a victim of anyone or anything in your life; and you have the free will to make changes as you choose differently. If you have obstacles to creating what you truly desire in your life, then check out our books which are essentially  manuals for personal transformation to empower you to make more inspired and informed choices that create more joy and peace in your life. We also have great tips on our website.

Our second ‘Ask the Docs’ question was:

“For at least a year, I have been bombarded with so many problems that I have felt as though I am breathing too rapidly or that I can barely breathe. I reacted to each new challenge (problem) with heightened anxiety. Much to my surprise (haha), a “spec” has recently been discovered in my lung. Additional testing is forthcoming. I am convinced that I caused this “spec” and want to know how to rid myself of this particle which I created (by not dealing appropriately with each new issue to find resolution.) Please provide me with strategies to assist in plucking this thing out of me.”

Our response:

It seems that you are already aware that the first step towards healing is acknowledging and facing your issues head on. There is a saying- ‘That which we resist, persists‘. When we don’t face situations ‘staring us in the face’, we generally create more issues in our life or our body- as our body tries to get our attention to lovingly inform us that we are out of alignment in our life. This is a wake up call to revisit our thoughts and beliefs to determine which ones are self-sabotaging. We have several tools and techniques in our books and on our website that will assist you in transforming your anxiety including several breathing exercises. All true transformation comes from the heart and perhaps meditation may assist since this can allow us to get out of our head and into our heart; so we suggest that you choose the most appropriate issues for you, download our meditations that address the issue(s) and spend some time mindfully transforming them:

We each have a hand in co-creating our own health and wellness. Self nurturing is an essential part of this and so is following up with the medical doctor or health practitioner dealing with your physical issues as this is part of self love. Truly integrative medicine uses both approaches which 1) deal directly with issues already physically present and creating discord in the body (Western medicine approaches do this efficiently when we have something that can potentially ‘do us in’ rapidly); and 2) deal with thoughts, emotions or energetic blockages that create a template for discord to develop in our body (Mind-Body medicine techniques, meditation, Acupuncture, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Qigong, etc.).

Hope this is helpful- Godspeed in your Shifting journey! 🙂

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

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