Chakra Healing Part 2

Chakra Healing Lesson 2 of 7

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  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction of The Spleen Chakra
    • Find Your Spleen Chakra
      • Color of the Spleen Chakra is Orange
        • Where to Wear the Color Orange to Heal
      • Healing the Spleen Chakra With Tuning Fork D
      • Toning for the Spleen Chakra is the sound OO Like in Food
      • Aromatherapy & Fragrances that Resonate With the Spleen Chakra
        • Essential Oils That Help With Menstrual Problems
        • Essential Oils For an Aphrodisiac
        • Essential Oils For Back Ache Relief
      • Listen to a Crystal Bowl   

Chakra Healing Lesson 2 of 7

Look For Part 3 Coming March 10, 2019!

Description:  Learn from The Shift Doctors Tracy Latz & Marion Ross How to Heal Your Spleen Chakra. They Explain When You Need Vibrational Medicine for The Spleen Chakra. They Also Show You How to Use Color, Tuning Forks and Aromatherapy to Effectively Heal Your Spleen Chakra.