Chakra Healing Part 1

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Chakra Healing Lesson 1 of 7

  • Main Video
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction of The Root Chakra
    • The Root Chakra Resonates with the Tuning Fork C
  • When Do You Need Vibrational Medicine for the Root Chakra
    • Color of the Root Chakra is Red
      • Where to Wear the Color Red
      •  Inflammation in Joints is better to Use Pink or Blue Scarf
      • Cancerous Conditions Do Not Use Red
    • The Toning Sound is U Like in Umbrella
  • History of Toning
    • Aromatherapy & Fragrances That Help Re-balance & Reconnect for the Root Chakra
      • Essential Oils that Help With Depression & Anxiety
    • Musical Instruments Rather that Tuning Fork
      • Drumming to Connect to the Earth
  • Various Ways to Heal Your Root Chakra
  • Where to Go to Ask Questions

Chakra Healing Lesson 1 of 7

Description: Learn from The Shift Doctors Tracy Latz & Marion Ross How to Heal Your Root Chakra. They Show You When You Need Vibrational Medicine for The Root Chakra. They Also Show You How to Use Color, Tuning Forks and Aromatherapy to Effectively Re-balance and Reconnect Your Root Chakra.


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