Can Twitter Help Create Global Coherence?

I confess that I was a skeptic until I saw the results for myself yesterday when I added a thousand friends and 600 followers. (yes, I am blocked for 24 hours or more? Haven’t read the rules yet). Like minded folks can connect at the speed of light seamlessly across the continents. We can create almost an instant sense of community, unite in our feelings and share our awareness and create change. Of course the intention and consciousness of the tweeter  is an important element. Twitter is often used as a sales tool, but don’t discount the fact that it is a wonderful way to  also share our passions and connect to create spiritual community as well.

I set up a twibe, yes a twibe on Twitter to promote Global Coherence. We have 11 members after just 24 hours interested in raising  and tweeting about global consciousness together. It’s a start!

Join us on Twitter:

Just a tweet away!



  1. I’m still a Twitter skeptic – not sure if I can commit – will I be able to balance tweeting with my other responsibilites? Will it suck me into wireless abyss? Currently member of a medical listserv that generates 300+ emails a week – most have important information – but it takes time to sort the informational from the rants. Not a techie, either, so I’m not sure if I even have the right gizmo to twitter.Would love to have the instantaneous connection with my fellow spiritual colleagues. Still thinking about it… Evolving slowly…

    • I guess that’s the fear – not knowing exactly what I’m getting myself into – will I be able to strike that balance? A metaphor for lots of things in life, huh?

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