Beginning Of Autumn – The Mid-Point of the Chinese Calendar

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Robert Peng‘s newsletter provides seasonal information from the Chinese calendar as well as giving a simple yet powerful practice called Jieqi Qigong. The transition between Jieqi occurs every two weeks. The universal energies released during the first two hours of the new Jieqi are powerful and auspicious just like the energy surge that follows the start of the New Year. Jieqi Qigong is a practice designed to help us absorb that outpouring of universal Qi energy directly into our spine.

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On Sunday August 7th 2011, the 13th of the 24 yearly seasonal cycles of the Chinese calendar begins. This cycle, Beginning of Autumn, begins at 4:33 PM EDT. Beginning of Autumn is the first of six cycles that make up the fall season. Let’s explore the meaning of autumn in general and then focus on the significance of this pivotal cycle.

What does autumn symbolize? If we compare the four seasons to the four stages of life then springtime corresponds to youth, summer to adulthood, autumn to midlife, and winter to elder-hood.  On August 7th the year will reach “midlife” as it transits the midpoint of its journey around the Chinese calendar.

The halfway point of a journey marks a time for discernment and objectivity and these are the essential qualities of autumn. Halfway through a process we are finally in a position to look back on the progress made so far and to make adjustments and refinements that will improve the rest of the journey. The ability to simultaneously reflect on the past and on the future brings nuanced sophistication to our actions in the present moment. Over the next three months you will gradually awaken a refined sensitivity that will lead you to the wisdom symbolized by wintertime. That’s the goal of fall.

Now let’s now focus on the current cycle, Beginning of Autumn, by considering how naturebreathes” throughout the seasons. If we imagine that one year equals one breath which two seasons would correspond to the exhale and which two seasons would correspond to the inhale? During spring and summer nature “exhales” Qi as life force thrusts outwardly, invigorating the physical world and expanding growth. In contrast, autumn and winter represent the “inhale.” During this phase the breath of life is internalized by the planet and used to fuel inner development. Picture a lung inflating during an in-breath and drawing power internally.

In this analogy Beginning of Autumn corresponds to the moment when the lungs of nature are empty after having exhausted the “exhale” of summer. Over the next fifteen days nature is going to begin a six month long “inhale” and throughout this cycle you will literally begin to notice your own inhalations more prominently.

Humidity peaks this month and one noticeable effect of high humidity is increased difficulty inhaling. You can escape the heat of late summer by spending time in the shade but the shade can’t protect you from the humidity. As the air grows thick with moisture this month, each inhale will remind you of your lungs. Not surprisingly, Chinese medicine associates the lungs with autumn.

Guard your lungs from imbalanced Qi during this cycle by breathing in the humid air slowly through your nose. Allow the Qi of early autumn to ride gently through your nasal passageway and to settle calmly into your lungs. This is the prime time of the year to nourish your lungs. By strengthening your lungs now you will be less likely to catch a cold later when the temperature drops or to suffer from depression when darkness engulfs the outer world.

By practicing the Beginning of Autumn Empowerment you will empower your lungs with Cosmic Qi and vastly increase the quality of your Lung Qi over the next six months. The empowerment is performed when the sun reaches 135° Longitude (15° Leo) on August 7th @ 4;33PM EDT (remember to adjust for the time difference if you live in another time zone). The optimal practice time is between 4:33 – 6:33 PM EDT. Click here to view the Beginning of Autumn Empowerment practice for August 7th.

The Beginning of Autumn seasonal cycle lasts fifteen days until August 23rd when the second cycle of autumn begins. Until then,

Good Qi,

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