Be Love Now by Ram Dass

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz MD & Marion Ross PhD) are thrilled to participate in the launch of  Be Love Now. In this special book, Ram Dass shares his deep wisdom through timeless teaching stories, hilarious personal anecdotes, and soul-stirring insight. He  tracks the stages of his own spiritual development. Starting with his days as a Harvard psychologist and psychedelic pioneer, continuing through spiritual encounters with his guru, and moving beyond the exceptional life changes brought on by his near-fatal stroke, Ram Dass shares his rich experiences while offering profound insight into what is most important to us all, love.

“Everything in your life is defined by the quality of your relationships: your relationship with yourself, your family, your co-workers, your spouse or children, your neighborhood, your planet and your innermost Self.  In this moment you have the opportunity to make one choice that will enable you to live in those relationships with more grace, more compassion, and with more beauty and peace than ever before.” What is that choice? It is to BE LOVE NOW

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In the Present,

The Shift Doctors

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