Autumn Equinox – Magical Shift Time to Create Anew

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) share their wisdom regarding metaphysical topics in articles, books, DVDs, classes and seminars. Today they share some of their wisdom on the topic of the Autumn Equinox along with their good friends and colleagues Robert Peng and Steve Nelson.

Autumn Equinox is a magical shift time to create anew in our body, our lives and the world. This time of year prepares us to achieve inner balance to go within in deeper ways in our life and in our consciousness. We can best utilize this metaphysical portal or gateway by being mindful of the harvests in our own life and how we contribute our harvests to the greater community of our family and our global world. It is a time of deep reflection; a time to deepen our meditation practice to receive answers- yet also a time for action in terms of removing what we note is no longer “growing corn for us” in our relationships or in our lives. It is a time to release negative energies to prepare us to enter the darker nights of winter ‘dreamtime’ without the weight of drama, unnecessary burdens, or faulty beliefs that hold us back from realizing our True Essence, our gifts, our purpose, our connection to nature/others, and access to our inner wisdom.

Autumn Equinox as viewed by The Shift Doctors’ good friend Robert Peng, Qigong Master who regularly shares his wisdom via a newsletter you can subscribe to at :

Autumn Equinox is the fourth of the six cycles of the fall season. The theme of autumn is discernment and refinement and over the next fifteen days nature will enter a new stage of development and reveal distinct characteristics as she ripens and matures.

If you overlay the yearly seasonal cycle to the daily cycle then spring coincides with morning, summer with noon, fall with evening, and winter with night. The next seasonal cycle, Autumn Equinox, signals the changing tide from late afternoon to early evening, a transition marked in the daily cycle by sunset.

Autumn Equinox embodies the essence of sunset. Picture the sun sliding toward the horizon as shadows paint the ground with a coat of dark purple paint and the sky breaks into a rainbow of warm colors. As the tides of light and shadow change the world becomes bewitching and beautiful. Fall is beautiful just like sunset.

Beauty is created any time two opposing forces blend harmoniously and at the start of Autumn Equinox day and night are in perfect balance. This celestial phenomena triggers beauty in the natural world. One concrete expression of this transformation will be the trees that begin to replace the green uniforms they wore all summer long for their more elegant and colorful fall “evening” wear. Over the next two weeks nature begins to sparkle with refined beauty.

What function does beauty serve? What is the purpose of beauty? Beauty opens the door to love. It is easier to experience love inside a beautiful moment, wouldn’t you agree? Over the next seasonal cycle nature can help you deepen your capacity to love. How? Appreciate the natural beauty that abounds this time of year. Pay special attention to sunsets. At sunset over the next two weeks the daily and yearly cycles converge, amplifying the power of beauty. Spend a few moments admiring the enchantment of dusk this time of year. As you “fall” in love with the sky your heart will open up. Let the magic of the moment fill your heart and then let that Love Qi spread to your life.” – Good Qi! Robert Peng


What does The Shift Doctors‘ good friend Steve Nelson, Mythic Astrologer and Wisdom Keeper has to say about the Autumn Equinox 9/23-25 and the 7th Moon Celebration 9/28-10/12?

As the day begins at Sunset so the year begins at Autumn Equinox, this time this year sets the stage for what comes in the great year 2012.

Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of Justice, stands on the western horizon now holding a scale with a human heart on one side and a feather on the other. It’s our time to let go what  makes the heart heavy so it is light as the feather of Maat. All that’s heavy (personal and global) comes up now to be released. How to let it go? Drum and dance and celebrate, breathe deeply and be set free.

With heart light as a feather, we’ll be free to experience the magic of the season.

Following the Autumn Equinox, the appearance of the lunar crescent on Sept 28 begins a 10 day/9 night period when the world was created according to Cherokee, ancient Chinese, Hindu and Greek Mystery traditions. All say this 7th Moon is when the world was first created and is recreated again each year. In these 9 Nights (Navaratri) Kali is welcomed into homes to consume the old year’s discord and the Cherokee celebrate their Great New Moon “Nuetiegwa” the Big Medicine Moon.

Cherokee women dance from the time the lunar crescent appears until Moonset. This dance to help the world be reborn continues several evenings. Re-creation in spirit makes way for the New Year (2012!) to be. All fortunes turn on the tide of this 7th Moon.

What’s seeded at this Autumn Equinox 9/23-25 unfolds its magic through 2012.” Bright Blessings! – Steve Nelson (Learn more about Steve at )

The rest of this post is a direct excerpt of wisdom taken from Steve Nelson’s Moon Magic newsletter – if you live in the Charlotte, NC area, feel free to join him for Autumn Equinox celebration at the yert at Sacred Grove Retreat in Gold Hill, NC!

Harvest Celebration Magic

Tis the Season to bring in the sheaves and separate the good grain from the chaff. Husks and stalks, all not useful of the growing season, goes on the bonfire for transformation. Energy released from these old forms is channeled to realize hopes, dreams and new creation. Fruits of the Harvest are shared in Community and through sharing these fruits are multiplied.  Now we share in the magic of the loaves and fishes, it’s time to invoke abundance for all.

The Queen of the Harvest leads us in celebration, she is the goddess Ceres or Demeter who reveals the mysteries of eternity and abundant life; she is present in many forms. Ceres/Demeter is seen sitting with her Cornucopia on North Carolina’s great seal. Ceres with her Horn of Plenty is the Celtic queen Cerridwen with her magic Caldron.  This Caldron, like the Grail, feeds the multitudes and gives to each according to their need.

The more we dance free of muscle tension ‘body armor’ the more we flow with vital energy. The finer the chi the more vitality we can absorb into our bodies and into our harvest bounty.

This vital force of nature is refined through deep breathing, rhythmic music, dance and joy. The more we and our food are energized in this way the more we are healed and made whole. The more we celebrate together the more we’re set free to realize our destiny.

Harvest Celebration Ritual for Abundance

Gather fresh produce of Nature: bags of grains, beans and nuts; squash and corn, fruits and vegetables of all kinds, bright colored leaves, flowers and vines.   Create of these a natural altar at the center of your space and circle it Sunwise/clockwise while making joyful noise (it will become music!) to the Holy Spirit of Heaven and Earth. This ritual may be done in a small group, with family or in a larger community.

Nature Magic Note

All foods are composed of hexagonal carbon rings wrought by the magic of photosynthesis. These rings are stored solar energy that becomes heat and light when the carbon bonds break. This occurs through the process of burning or in digesting food, we are solar powered beings! When a store of food is brought together and reaches a certain critical mass magic happens as solar prana or vital chi is attracted from the environment and increasingly concentrated.  A clockwise vortex is generated that facilitates transformation to a more refined state of being.

Circling clockwise enhances this process so psychic dross is transmuted to realize dreams. This simple celebration ritual brings healing and abundant blessings on all levels.

Now we enter the season of the goddess of the balance,  when we release whatever makes the heart heavy so it becomes as light as the Feather of Maat. Then our hidden destiny will be revealed.

Hope this is helpful to you in your Shift! Bright Blessings & Good Qi! 🙂

The Shift Doctors (Metaphysicians Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) with Steve Nelson (Mythic Astrologer) & Robert Peng (Qigong Master & Healer)

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