Astrological Timing for Success – March 2012: Moon Magic by Steve Nelson

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) are  thrilled once again to have our good friend and guest blogger Steve Nelson return to share his wisdom. Steve is an astrologer who follows a Jungian mythological tradition. He was raised by a part Cherokee shaman Aunt Maude who learned much of her lore from Molly Runningwolf, the mother of Amanita Sequoyah, the last Cherokee medicine man officially recognized by the Eastern Tribe. Steve’s Indian name is Steven Red Wolf, his lineage is of the wolf clan, one of the 7 tribal groups of the Cherokee. Steve follows many of the Cherokee traditions especially as these relate to celebrations, the use of ritual fire and star lore. For more information about Steve Nelson see

The Great Year 2012 actually begins on Spring Equinox March 20 when the Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Then a new cycle of creation unfolds when the prophecies are fulfilled and dreams of the world can be realized. At the Equinox many astrological cycles shift, the year of fast moving Mercury ends and an even faster year of the Moon begins. The lunar cycles will be much more powerful this year and silver, the metal of the Moon, will be greatly enhanced in influence and value. Symbols made from silver will help awaken the new archetypes from the collective unconscious,  the realm of the Moon.

Also at this Spring Equinox the World Wheel of Fortune shifts from first to second decan Aquarius, from a year of Equus the fleet-footed renaissance horse to Pegasus the great winged horse that brings earthquakes with its thundering hooves and also opening the Fountain of the Muses. Ultimately it is with the power of Pegasus that a great evil is rid from the world opening way for a new world to be.

2012 is called the Great Year because it is when the constellation of shadow from the passing era is broken and the great Shift of the Ages begins. The shift from one age to another always occurs in a 36-year Sun period, a renaissance cycle that comes every 252 years. 2012 is the 32nd year of the current Sun period that began in 1981 and concludes in 2016 when the shift of the ages will be completed.

Every cycle has 12 phases represented by the zodiacal signs from Aries the head to Pisces the feet. Pisces is the completion and clearing phase of each year when an old cycle of creation is ending and the new is being dreamed. The old gives way as the newly incoming vital energy of Spring is joined with the soul of creation to make anew.

Ancient traditions teach how the primal creative force or “dragon” of the natural world can be trained to the creative purposes of the soul. In this time Jesus conquers (and integrates, “get ye behind me!”) the devil on the mountain and Merlin teaches young king Arthur how to train his passions to serve his dreams.

The 2 weeks before the Equinox are most favored for the dragon training art. The Anglo-Saxon shaman put ashes on their fore heads, ate only vegetarian meals and practiced abstinence during this end of year period beginning Mar 4. Dragon training is especially important in this Year of the Dragon

The first rule of dragon training is “never look the dragon in the eye,” rather focus where you want energy to go. Neither repress awareness of primal energy nor give it direct attention, just breathe deeply and focus on an ideal to train this force of Nature to realize dreams and transform the world.

2012 brings a new creation and each of us has a unique role in the grand new story. Sun in Pisces (until 3/20) is our time to let go the old cycle and dream the part that we’re to play in the new. Years ebb and flow like the tides and the new tide comes in with the Springtide Moon (3/23 – 4/7). The first New Moon of Spring marks the beginning of the New Year in many traditional societies, it is our time to catch the new wave of creation.

As sap rises in plants the vital energy of Nature rises in all living beings. Shamans call this energy New Mars and festivals are held to chase out the Old Mars (Chalandra Marz, Purim/Holi Mar 8) and welcome in the New (Spring Equinox / Zodiacal New Year 3/20-25). Armies are often set marching in March, it’s the month of Mars the god of war. The New Mars brings power to end war and initiate a new world. The collective shadow of Mars is fear, greed and aggression. This constellation of old world patterns that Tolkien called “the Dark Tower” is to be broken and brought down in this cycle beginning Mar 25-27 according to prophecies.

2011 was a Year of Mercury, 2012 (starting 3/20/12) is a Year of the Moon. This Mercury Year brought many new ideas, communication breakthroughs, NASA’s Mercury probe Messenger and the Facebook IPO. The Moon rules the womb, this Year births a new world. The Moon represents Woman and 2012 is the year of the emerging new feminine, the New Woman who brings forth the New King prophesied in Revelation 12

The Moon isn’t a planet, it’s part of the Earth, yet it channels the energy of Uranus the planet of the New Age. Uranus is the Promethean spirit that brings a new fire of higher consciousness, global awareness and the “New Heaven and New Earth.”

White Rabbit Day / Chalandra Marz, Mar 1Chasing Out the Boog

Magic Is Afoot! Say “White Rabbit” first thing today for luck throughout the month. The Magician pulls another rabbit from his hat and it’s the March Hare that brings the great egg of the new creation. In Switzerland, costumed children parade through streets ringing bells and cracking whips; women beat pots with spoons to chase out “the Boog,” Old Man Winter. It’s old world pattern breaking time, these rituals work anywhere.

Purim/Holi Full Moon, Mar 7-9 (exact 4:39 am 3/8) Celebrate!

Purim is a raucous Jewish celebration with masquerade and noise making to banish the dark lord Hanuman. Likewise, Holi is a light-hearted spring festival that combines play (singing, drum-beating) and fire dance ritual to “burn up the old year and usher in the new.” Each Full Moon brings revelation and opportunities for healing body, mind, and soul. The Full Moon is a pitcher that pours out a healing elixir we raise our cups to receive. Cosmic energies flow for 3 days following Full Moon. Revelations come in dreams, chance encounters and flashes of inspiration. Stay tuned!

International Women’s Day, Mar 8 – Celebrate Global Woman

Women are honored with flowers; women empowered free the world.

Mercury Retrograde, Mar 12 (3:49 am)Finishing Up the Old

The next 10-day period is a time to finish old business while toning down and simplifying communications. It’s time to clear away extraneous mental clutter so the mind can be open to bright new possibilities that will emerge with the New Mercury cycle beginning Mar 21.

3rd Quarter Moon, Mar 13-15 (exact 9:25 pm 3/14)Dreams in Action

This Moon cuts away all that distracts from realizing our dreams. The 3rd Quarter integrates new ideas into creative expression; it’s time to follow our bliss and do what feels good in concert with the whole.

St Patrick’s Day, Mar 17Wear Green and Hoop it Up

“Wearing of the green” has its origin in the Green Man who dances in the Spring. People get “crazy as a March hare” when Spring draws near and the sap begins to rise. This is a time to chase out the old Mars and bring in the New. Patrick drove snakes from Ireland with his drum. Drumming breaks old psychic patterns and frees vital energy for new creative purpose.

Balsamic Moon, Mar 18-20 Make a Wish!

This is the Wishing Moon, the best time to put wishes into the astral waters. It is also the Witches Moon, a time to bring to mind those who need healing. Feeling invokes healing, the deeper the feeling, the deeper the healing. Needs felt now bring a magical response from the new lunar cycle. The more deeply we feel, the more powerfully we invoke. Shadows that come before New Moon can be cleared through deep breathing with attention to the light of the soul star that shines just overhead. See the wee waning Moon rising before the Sun.

Spring Equinox Gate of Inspiration, Mar 19 7:15 pm – Mar 21 7:15 am

A Muse Gate opens every 40 days, 9 each year. Whatever blocks creative flow comes before the Gate to be let go. This is a time to dissolve body tensions that hold outmoded ways of thinking and feeling. Breathe deeply and move freely (yoga, tai chi, dance!) to shed the old and be present to the possibilities and opportunities of the new.

Spring Equinox, Mar 20-25 (exact 1:15 am 3/20)Be Happy!

As sap flows up through plant stems to flowers, vital energies ascend within opening us to bright new possibilities. The mid-eastern tradition is to “Be as happy as can be” today for happiness through the year. Persians call this No-Rooz, New Day or “sniff-the-breeze day.” It’s a time for joy making, singing and dancing around bonfires. Making a joyful noise brings joy for the Year, whatever is in the beginning carries through to the end.

Dark of Moon/New Moon, Mar 21-23Time to Go Within

The day before New Moon until Sunset a day after is ideal for inner work to seed the new cycle, outer activity is favored after the crescent appears.  The New Moon (10:37 am 3/22) is a cosmic spring that flows freely as we slow down. Nostradamus calls this “the day of Diana, a time for silent rest.” The New Moon is like Alice’s rabbit hole, great wonders await our going within. Here we can know what is and learn how to shape what is to be. This first New Moon of Spring marks the beginning of the New Year for the Hindu, the Cherokee and the Jews. This is our time to catch the new wave.

Crescent New Moon, Mar 24-28Time to Sow

It’s time to bring forward what we wish to be realized. Farmers plant seeds when the crescent appears, seeds are fertile on every level. Moon magic is strongest Sunset to Moonset when the Moon is in the 7th House. Meditation now opens doorways, wishes take wing and prayers bring blessings for this Moon and New Year.

Zodiacal New Year / Festival of Eostre / Lady Day, Mar 25Rebirth

Spring Equinox culminates with Lady Day or the Feast of Annunciation. which is also the Festival of Eostre, the goddess of Spring. It is her magic rabbit, the “March Hare,” that brings the “world egg” containing all that is to be in this new cycle. March 25th was the traditional date for the start of the New Year until the Gregorian calendar was also in 1752. In J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings this date marks the passing of Sauron, the Fall of the Dark Tower and the Return of the King. It becomes New Year for the New Age. Now the returning king Jupiter and old world titan Saturn (Sauron) face off highlighting the political divide. Jupiter in Taurus brings good fortune to all who align with the emerging progressive movement to occupy the world.

1st Quarter Moon, Mar 29-31 (exact 3:41 pm 3/30)Time to Choose

This Moon is like a scythe cutting across the sky, it’s a time to cut free the trappings of the past and affirm our purpose moving forward. Sacred to the Druids, this Moon is pivotal in the cycle of creation. Choices made now are likely the right ones. Breathing deeply through the light of the crown frees energy flow up and down the spine to clear shadows and power our dreams.

**Steve Nelson is a professional astrologer who uses Tarot, name analysis, and traditional astrology to help clients understand personal myths and realize natural abilities. For more information about Steve Nelson see

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