Astrological Timing for Success – July 2012: Moon Magic with Steve Nelson

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) are  thrilled once again to have our good friend and guest blogger Steve Nelson return to share his wisdom. Steve is an astrologer who follows a Jungian mythological tradition. He was raised by a part Cherokee shaman Aunt Maude who learned much of her lore from Molly Runningwolf, the mother of Amanita Sequoyah, the last Cherokee medicine man officially recognized by the Eastern Tribe. Steve’s Indian name is Steven Red Wolf, his lineage is of the wolf clan, one of the 7 tribal groups of the Cherokee. Steve follows many of the Cherokee traditions especially as these relate to celebrations, the use of ritual fire and star lore. For more information about Steve Nelson see

July begins with a fortunate Grand Trine of Moon, Mercury and Uranus in fire signs making a Kite with “the great benefics” Venus and Jupiter at the top conjunct Ceres, the goddess of plenty with her overflowing cornucopia. This abundance can be ours as we follow the dance of the Moon and planets.

A New World is being born as Venus rises before the Sun. This New Venus is the Woman of Revelation “clothed with Sun” who mediates the emergence of the new Avatar, the new light of the time. The goddess awakens and takes magic to task seeing all that is wrong and what is lacking; it is she who presides over the death, rebirth and coming to expression of the true king and true lover and brings the new magic for our time. She invokes renewal in us all. Catch her new light, our new light, in the morning sky and become the star that you are.

To the Egyptians, Venus rising before the Sun is Bennu, the Phoenix. The flight of the Phoenix, the rising of Venus with the great star Sirius signals the dawning of a New Age. First we know intuitively, artfully, Venus comes before words. Venus brings blessings and new inspirations in her Morning Star glory, she also brings storms to clear the way.

Other significant highlights this month are the Sundance Full Moon July 3, the Star Lover’s Festival July 7, the month of Ramadan beginning July 20, Leo Gate of Inspiration July 22 and the New Mercury July 28. During the 2-week retrograde period before this alignment we experience Mercury meltdown, afterward mind and magic are reborn. Even though Mercury is still retrograde all systems are go after our Mercurial messenger friend begins his new 4-month Leo cycle, a new magic enters our world.

2012 is the shift of the Ages, the convergence of cosmic cycles that brings global integration of consciousness and fulfills the prophecies of the ages, myths of all time come to life. A new world is being born and Love is key, the new creation is configured by the reunion of yin and yang at a higher turn of creation’s spiral, whatever the new yin/yang agree will come to be.

White Rabbit! July 1 – New Magic Is Afoot

Say “White Rabbit” first thing today for luck throughout the month. Rabbit is magic, alchemy and the Moon. The zodiacal sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the Rabbit in the Moon is our magical guide. The Moon channels the energy of Uranus which is the higher octave of Mercury the planet of magic. Moon, Mercury and Uranus form a magic triangle as the month begins. #1 days are Tarot Key 1 the Magician who now pulls another white rabbit from his hat. What new magic are we about?


Sundance Full Moon, July 2-6 (exact 2:52 pm 7/2) – Illuminate!

The Native American Sundance is performed at this first Full Moon following Summer Solstice when the Moon channels most powerfully the light and spirit of the Sun. The vital energy of Nature is at its peak during this Summer Solstice Full Moon. This is when we have most ready access to the divine light and spark of our own essential being. The purpose of the Sundance is to become one with the elder fire above (the Sun) and so receive vision of one’s true place in the world. In this year of transformation, the Sundance Moon is an opportunity to dance our dream alive, bring forth the light within and realize our soul’s purpose in our Earthly tribe.

“Behold – they are dancing!

The sacred nation of the west is dancing.

The day of the Sun shall bring them strength –

an Eagle for the Eagle Nation.”

                  – Oglala Sioux song

Each Full Moon brings revelation and opportunity for healing body, mind and soul. Meditation, deep breathing (through the crown), music and dancing help open to receive the blessings of this special time. This Full Moon is a pitcher pouring out a healing elixir we just raise our cups (psyches) to receive. Illuminating energy flows freely for 3 days following Full Moon. Revelations come in dreams, chance encounters and flashes of inspiration. Stay tuned!

Independence Day, July 4 – Celebrate Freedom

Independence Day July 4 – Happy Birthday America! Contrary to popular opinion America comes from the Incan word Amaraku which means “land of the feathered serpent.” Many American colonists associated this name with Americus Vespucci in the same way many thought this nation’s eagle symbol was of Roman origin though the Eagle or Thunder Bird was long before the totem of America. The United States was founded when the Sun aligns with the bright star Sirius, a mystic key to Liberty. Sirius is linked with Tarot Key 22 The Fool with his little white dog and white Sun (Sirius) above and Eagle on his mystery bag. The Fool appears to be walking over the edge of a cliff but the Fool never goes over the edge because this is the edge of creation and the edge grows out before the feet of the Fool. Tarot Key 22 the Soul resonates with Key 4 and the divine order of things. This is a day to celebrate Soul Freedom for all people. Happy 4th of July!

Tanabata, Star Lovers Festival July 7 – Wish for Love

Once a year all the magpies form a bridge over the Milky Way so the star lovers Altair and Vega can come together for a single night. A wish making ritual is performed, children and lovers hang poems for the stars on bamboo.

3rd Quarter Moon, July 10-12 (exact 9:48 pm edt) – Realize Dreams

This Moon cuts away all that distracts from putting dreams into action.  The 3rd Quarter lunar phase integrates new ideas into creative expression; it’s time to follow our bliss and do what feels good in concert with the whole.

Mercury Retrograde, July 14 (10:16 pm) – Completion and Clearing

These next 14 days (until 4 pm 7/28) are ideal for finishing up old business, not for beginning new. Old world patterns of thinking inhibiting soul expression are exposed and transmuted as Mercury moves retrograde. Simplifying communications and eliminating mental clutter helps open to bright new possibilities that will be coming through. It’s time to clear the slate to make way for a new state of mind for the new time. The old magic is dying, new magic is being born. This new magic is engaging, accepting responsibility in the world; magic long concealed is revealed. The King returns as the Sun enters Leo July 22, Gandalf returns when Mercury aligns with the Sun July 28.

Balsamic Moon, July 15-17 – Make a Wish!

This is the Wishing Moon, the best time to put wishes on the air. It is also called the Witches Moon, a time to bring to mind those who need healing. Feeling invokes healing, the deeper we feel, the deeper we heal. This wishing Moon with New Venus brings opportunity to invoke new love, peace and creative prosperity. The deeper we feel, the more Moon magic is invoked for this new cycle. Shadows before New Moon can be cleared with deep breathing giving attention to the light within and above. See the wee waning Moon rising with Venus before the Sun.

Dark of Moon/New Moon, July 18-20 – Go Within

The day before New Moon until Sunset a day after is ideal for psychic and physical house clearing to make way for the new cycle; outer activity is favored after the crescent appears. New Moon (12:24 am 7/19) is a great cosmic spring that flows freely as we slow down. Nostradamus calls this “the day of Diana, a time for silent rest.” This is when mystics descend to drink from the magic well within.

Ramadan, Jul 20-Aug 16 – Fast for Soul Liberty

Fasting by day and feasting by night diminishes the yang and nurtures the yin source of inspiration. In this 9th month of the Islamic calendar year Mohammed received the Koran from archangel Gabriel, the angel of the Moon. Gabriel blows his horn now calling all to be born anew from the tombs of their old forms as depicted in Tarot Key #20. The trappings of the old world patriarchal order can be shed through day time fasting.

Crescent New Moon, July 21-25 – A Time to Sow

It’s time to bring forward what we wish be realized. Farmers plant seeds when the crescent appears, seeds become fertile on every level, all new beginnings are favored. Moon magic is strongest Sunset to Moonset when the Moon shines through the 7th House. Meditation now opens doorways, wishes take wing, prayers bring blessings through the lunar cycle. Crescent Moon activates the new archetypes.

Gate of Inspiration, July 22-23 (6 am 7/22 – 6 am 7/23) – Dance to Be Free

Gates of Inspiration open every 40 days beginning with Spring Equinox.  Each Gate is the Station of a Muse. This July 22 Muse is Terpsichore, “the lover of dancing.” This is a time to dance to let go bodily tensions that hold outmoded ways of thinking and feeling. Breathe deeply (inspire) and move freely to shed old ways and become present to the power and promise of the new time. This Gate marks the Feast Day of St Mary Magdalene.

1st Quarter Moon, July 26-28 (4:56 am 7/26) – Time to Choose

This Moon is like a scythe cutting across the sky; it’s time to cut free from trappings of the past and affirm our purpose moving forward. Sacred to the Druids, this lunar phase is pivotal in the cycle of creation. Choices made now are likely to be the right ones. Breathing deeply through the light of the crown frees energy flow up and down the spine to power our dreams.

New Mercury, July 28 (3:58 pm) – Think and Create Anew

Mercury crosses between Earth and Sun beginning a new 4-month cycle of communication, invention and commerce. Mind and magic are reborn. This Leo New Mercury brings a special magic and power to realize our dreams. We will have 3 months to bring this new magic to Earth.

Bright Blessings to you as we all create anew!

Steve Nelson, Mythic Astrologer with The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

***Steve Nelson is a professional astrologer who uses Tarot, name analysis, and traditional astrology to help clients understand personal myths and realize natural abilities. He can be reached at

*****The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) are available for keynote talks, classes, events or for seminars (1/2 day or up to 2 day) on personal transformation, team-building, motivation, anger management, intuitive development, or collaboration for private groups, conferences, corporations or corporate events. Contact them at or find out more about them at

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