Astrological Timing for Success – August 2012: Moon Magic with Steve Nelson


The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) are  thrilled once again to have our good friend and guest blogger Steve Nelson return to share his wisdom. Steve is an astrologer who follows a Jungian mythological tradition. He was raised by a part Cherokee shaman Aunt Maude who learned much of her lore from Molly Runningwolf, the mother of Amanita Sequoyah, the last Cherokee medicine man officially recognized by the Eastern Tribe. Steve’s Indian name is Steven Red Wolf, his lineage is of the wolf clan, one of the 7 tribal groups of the Cherokee. Steve follows many of the Cherokee traditions especially as these relate to celebrations, the use of ritual fire and star lore. For more information about Steve Nelson see

August begins with Leo Sun in fortunate trine with Uranus and Athena allied in Aries bringing exciting new technological (and magical!) breakthroughs that will (with Uranus square Pluto) totally transform the global status quo.

This month we take the initiative and bring forward those bold new projects; it’s time to put our best foot forward and make that proposal we’ve had in mind. We are given opportunity to come onto the world stage now, each in our own way. Here we will find we’re part of an integral being, a planetary consciousness many call Gaia. This Sun in Leo brings us into a new state of being where we discover who we are and what we’re here to do. The Sun, Moon and other cosmic forces come together this month to help us realize our life dreams. Key to initiating this Self-realizing is the Aug 6-8 mid-Leo Lammas celebration which may be done at any place of natural power (or city center), not necessarily on a mountain top as traditionally prescribed. Focusing our spirit in this magical time supported by the dance of the planets and stars we will come to realize just what we are here to do.

Venus rises powerfully before the Sun now fresh out of her shadow loop and aligned with El Nath, the bright star Hindus call Agni, the source of cosmic fire. Venus parallels Arcturus the wizard hermit star identified with Gandalf in Lord of the Rings. Venus/Arwen allies with the new Gandalf the White to bring forth the true king and begin the new order of light. Venus powers a Mystic Triangle focusing through the old world ruler Saturn now hovering just over Spica (aka Arista). This bright star in Virgo represents the goddess Ceres / Demeter who is the star-crowned Empress Tarot Key 3 appearing now as the Woman of Revelation “standing on the Moon.”

As August begins Spica/Arista and Saturn form a beautiful triangle with Mars in the early evening sky. They can be found by just following the curve of the Big Dipper’s handle. Just above this triangle appears the Pleiades or 7 Sisters who are the nurses of the New Mars, the new hero, new masculine now entering our world. Directly opposite Spica and Saturn and Mars is the new planet Eris aka Persephone who is the High Priestess Tarot Key 2 with her feet on the Moon. The Moon is the collective unconscious the ocean of all possibilities from which this New Woman (Empress Ceres and Priestess Persephone her daughter reunited) emerges now pursued by the Dragon called Cetus and Leviathan. She will be helped by the great Eagle Aquila wielding the thunderbolts of Zeus. This is the great drama of our Age. the “war in heaven” that must be waged before we can get on with the New Age of peace and universal prosperity that is our due.

August begins a 5-month period when we come to realize the special gifts we each bring and the part we’re to play in this new creation. Now begins the Global Initiation when Earth and humanity as a whole can enter a state of enlightened awareness. This universal shift in consciousness begins August 22 (the Point of the Sphinx) when Mercury leaves his shadow loop and Venus rises before the Sun with the great star Sirius signaling a new Renaissance and the dawning of a New Age. Venus is the Bennu Phoenix rising, a new world is being born and Love will be Queen.


Lammas Day / Lughnasa, August 1-7 – Illumination

August begins with Lughnasa celebrating the Celtic Sun god Lugh. Also known as Lammas or Loaf-mass, it is traditional to share bread of the first harvest now. “Lammas bread” grounds and make flesh, the illumination of this time. The Lughnasa celebration culminates Aug 6-7 when the Sun is at the mid-Leo “power gate of fire,” the mid-Summer cross-quarter. Say “White Rabbit” on Aug 1 for luck throughout the month.


Leo Full Moon, Aug 1-4 (exact 11:27 pm 8/1) – Love and Revelation

Each Full Moon brings revelation and opportunity for healing body, mind and soul. The Full Moon is a pitcher pouring out a healing elixir. Meditation, deep breathing, music and dancing help us open to receive. Movement is key. Cosmic spiritual energies flow strongly for 3 days following the Full Moon. Revelations come in dreams, chance encounters and flashes of inspiration. Stay tuned. Leo rules the heart and it is home sign of Sol, the cosmic source of love. The meditation keynote of this Sun in Leo Full Moon is: “May the wellspring of Love find in us an unimpeded channel.”


Lammas/Lughnasa Cross-Quarter, Aug 6-8 – Illumination

The Lammas cross-quarter (exact 10:40 pm 8/6) culminates at the mid-Leo “power gate of fire.” This is a time for mountain top picnics, bread shared now (hence Lammas or “loaf mass”) is imbued with special energy like the Hobbits “Lammas bread” which sustains them in their Quest. Dreams and portents now predict what will be. The Aug 6 Feast of Transfiguration celebrates the mountaintop illumination of Jesus. At this mid-Leo power gate solar prana flows down to the tops of mountains all over the world.


3rd Quarter Moon, Aug 9-11 (exact 2:55 pm 8/9) – Realizing Dreams

This Moon cuts away all that distracts from putting dreams into action. 3rd Quarter integrates new ideas into creative expression; it’s time to follow our bliss and do what feels good in concert with the whole.


Balsamic Moon, Aug 13-16 – Make a Wish!

This is the Wishing Moon, the best time to put wishes on the air. It is also called the Witches Moon, a time to bring to mind those who need healing.

Feeling invokes healing, the deeper we feel, the deeper we heal. This wishing Moon with New Venus, Sirius and Mercury Prometheus brings opportunity to invoke new love, peace and creative prosperity. The deeper we feel, the more Moon magic is invoked for this new lunar cycle. Shadows before New Moon are cleared by deep breathing with attention to the light of the crown. See the waning crescent rising before the morning Sun.


Dark of Moon/New Moon, Aug 16-18 – Going Within

The day before New Moon until Sunset a day after is ideal for psychic and physical house clearing to make way for the new cycle; outer activity is favored after the crescent appears. New Moon (11:54 am 8/17) is a great cosmic spring that flows freely as we just slow down. Nostradamus calls this “the day of Diana, a time for silent rest.” It’s when mystics descend to drink from the magic well within.


Crescent New Moon, Aug 19-23 – A Time to Sow

It’s time to bring forward what we wish to be realized. Farmers plant seeds when the crescent appears, seeds become fertile on every level, all new beginnings are favored now. Moon magic is strongest Sunset to Moonset when the Moon is in the 7th House. Meditation now opens doorways, wishes take wing, and prayers bring blessings through the lunar cycle.


Point of the Sphinx, Aug 22 – Balancing Forces Within

The Egyptian Sphinx half lion/half woman is celebrated at this Leo/Virgo cusp, it is illustrated in the Tarot card Strength. Aug 22 begins the 5-day Egyptian New Year that signals a new renaissance on Earth. During this time the riddle of the sphinx will be solved and the magic of the sphinx, the harmonious balance between Spirit and Nature, will be realized.


1st Quarter Moon, Aug 24-27 (9:54 am 8/24) – Time to Choose

This Moon is like a scythe cutting across the sky; it’s time to cut free from trappings of the past and affirm our purpose moving forward. Sacred to the Druids, this lunar phase is pivotal in the cycle of creation. Choices made now are likely to be the right ones. Breathing deeply through the light of the crown frees energy flow up and down the spine to power our dreams.


Going Out of the Signs, Aug 24-31 – Breaking Habits, Liberation

The best time to break addictions or eliminate attachments is when the Moon wave moves down beyond vital organs from Sagittarius (thighs) to Pisces (feet). Now we can more easily let go outmoded patterns of being and eliminate toxins physical and psychic. It’s time to set ourselves free.


Women’s Equality Day, Aug 25 – Balance and Be New

This culminating 5th day of the old Egyptian New Year is celebrated by honoring women and the yin as equal to the yang and to men. As this balance is achieved we discover the answer to the riddle of the Sphinx and Heaven and Earth are joined as one. As Bennu Venus rises we all given the opportunity to be new, balance and be reborn, raise the spirit and transform.


Moon Hare Full Moon, Aug 30-Sept 2 (exact 9:58 am 8/31) – Illumination!

Each Full Moon brings revelation and opportunity for healing body, mind and soul. Meditation, deep breathing, music, dancing help open to receive. This is the Harvest Moon, the time to separate wheat from chaff. The Moon Hare pounds herbs extracting the “Elixir of Immortality” as our psyches extract the good from the year. Gathering the Elixir now is key to psychic alchemy. The Full Moon is like a pitcher pouring out elixir, we raise our cups to receive. Cosmic energy flows for 3 days after. Revelations come in dreams, chance encounters and flashes of inspiration.  It’s magic time!

Bright Blessings to you as we all create anew!

Steve Nelson, Mythic Astrologer with The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

***Steve Nelson is a professional astrologer who uses Tarot, name analysis, and traditional astrology to help clients understand personal myths and realize natural abilities. He can be reached at

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