Are We Responsible for Our Illness? A Holistic Metaphysical Answer


The Shift Doctors take questions on various integrative medicine and metaphysical topics. Today’s question had to do with an internal struggle one of our readers has been having over a recurring health issue. What follows is the question that was asked and the response from The Shift Doctors.  Feel free to submit your questions on our ‘Ask the Docs‘ page.

Question for the Docs:
“I had ovarian cancer surgery in 2008. As of 3/15/2011 my CA125 is rising to 37, and my oncologist thinks that I am having a reoccurence. I am a student of metaphysics and I am practicing several alternative energy techniques to rid my self of the cancer. Am I correct in believing that all physical illness is caused by inappropriate or stressful emotions? It is important for me to know that this disease could exist in the body separate and apart from any emotional connection. Thank you.
P.S. Is the Blood Cleanse exercise something that can be used for someone who is having a reoccurence with ovarian cancer? If not, is it possible for you to make one that includes visualizing replenishing the healthy cells?”
The Shift Doctors’ Reply:
The Blood Cleanse Meditation (which is free to anyone who opts in to receive our ‘monthly’… which turns out to be really quarterly… chuckle…newsletter) would be perfect for someone with occurrence or re-occurence of ovarian (or any other) cancer as it does involve transformation of issues etherically that are out of balance and restoring healthy, vibrant. From your ‘Ask the Docs’ question, it appears to me that you might be beating yourself up over possibly having a recurrence of cancer or issues in your body.
As a student of metaphysics, you have already mentioned in your previous email that you have an awareness that we all have a role to play in what occurs in our life, our body and our relationships or circumstances. We will attract situations that we need to learn from… and in our relationships we or our partner will attract something for each of us to learn from as well. That being said, when you are a spiritual initiate as you progress on your path you will find that we tend to manifest issues more rapidly – yet also transform them more rapidly as we gain more awareness of our own conscious and subconscious thoughts or emotions that we may have held tightly in our energy system (and hence possibly our body) since childhood or even previous incarnations (whether or not that is in your belief system).
It is okay to “not have a clue” as to why an issue is manifesting at present for you. You will know when it is time for you to know… when you have perhaps learned all you can from a certain situation. That is why sometimes others may have more clarity when an issue is glaring or staring us in the face. Sometimes the greatest lesson is one of compassion for our own self and being able to ask for.. and allow our self to receive…  physical, emotional and/or spiritual assistance. Stop chewing on the “why” (with anxiety, fear, anger or resentment) that this is happening at present and work on centering, getting into your heart, trusting and asking those you most respect and trust in their area of expertise. You may have the “aha” of what it is all about in a week, a month, or years later. Sometimes we will hold onto issues without apparent awareness for lifetimes.
Center your self with a daily dharma or spiritual practice to get you into your heart. Ask your physicians, metaphysicians, archangels, and spiritual friends or guides for assistance out of love for your self… and then allow your self to receive their compassion and love without resistance.
Often metaphysical students struggle with a sense of guilt or shame, anxiety or resentment over having a physical issue occur- because there is some sense or belief that we should not manifest any physical issue if we perceive that we are more advanced, more spiritual or more enlightened than others around us. However, if you think about it for a little bit, you will find that many avataric beings that have walked in human form on this planet (including the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Mother Meera…. just to name a few that are known avatars in our lifetime… and there are supposedly about 10,000 avatars walking the earth at present, at least) have dealt with significant physical ailments or disease. It is not a punishment.. it is an opportunity for your body (and soul) to give you a message that is of love so that you might further open the beautiful lotus of your heart to become even more aware of who you truly are… which is more wondrous than you might possibly imagine.
This is why I practice integrative medicine– I recommend that people that I work with use all the tools from every realm. Western medicine has its place for when an issue is already manifested in the physical (to be used alone or in conjunction with other approaches/modalities). After all, if a person is truly to be “holistic” in approach, it means using every approach as a possibility (including Western medicine, Tibetan medicine, reflective etheric healing, Reiki, color & sound healing, meditative practices, qigong, etc.). We are multidimensional spiritual beings expressing through our physical bodies… and different modalities or combinations of modalities may resonate with you at different times and in different situations.

P.S. I will be happy to do a Light energization for you from afar if you would like to receive it. Just let me know… and then set aside 20 minutes to lay in a calm and quiet place (where you will be undisturbed) to receive it. There is no charge for this… so no angst is needed… if you will allow your self to receive… it will be sent into the astral with love. In the spiritual realm, there is no time or space… and you may pick up your energization at any time you wish, if you so desire to receive it.

Loads of Love & Light to you on your journey! 🙂

Tracy Latz, M.D., M.S., Mh.D with Marion Ross, Ph.D., Mh.D. (a.k.a. “The Shift Doctors”)

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  1. That was a very interesting reply. It showed a lot of compassion for the questioner. Also, I learned something that I did not before, and as I meditate on my own life, how true. The more we learn on the spiritual path, the faster the experiences come. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for offering your perspective on such a difficult topic. Having experienced life-threatening illness several times, I have found the “guilt trap” a big challenge. Self-love is the ultimate lesson, and selfless service its companion.

  3. Thorwald Dethlefsen supports your thesis as well. Have you read: “The Healing Power of Illness: Understanding What Your Symptoms Are Telling You”
    All of his books have been a great help when I was going through my cancer.

  4. That was a simply beautiful response to the question you were asked! So often, this question of blaming people who become ill for their illness arises in discussions. You have responded with such tender regard for both the emotions of this person; as well as their spiritual expansion. It is a wonderful addition to discussions that take us OUT of blame in re: to illness, and towards the grounded, heart-centered paradigm that humanity deserves. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Erin Bentley

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