Another Stress Buster from Heart Math

From the De-Stress Kit our Monday Tip!
Exercise can be very beneficial when you are feeling stressed. Often when experiencing anxiety and emotional pain, people don’t have the initiative to exercise. However, if you can exercise even a little, it can help clear the fog and tension accumulated from anxiety, anger and worry. Exercise won’t take away your reasons for getting stressed, but it strengthens your capacity to manage stress with less energy loss. It isn’t necessary to do a total workout to help clear your thinking and stabilize your emotions. Experiment and find what’s comfortable for you, but at least try to get your heart rate up a little even for a short time. As you exercise, try to be conscious not to replay negative mind loops. It helps to balance the emotions and calm the mind by practicing the attitude breathing techniques  while  exercising.

In case you missed the previous post,  here is the technique:
Practice breathing while imagining your breath passing in and out through your

heart area or the center of your chest. Envision yourself as taking a time out to refuel  your system by breathing in an attitude of calm and balance (like breathing in an emotional tonic to take the rough edges off).

The key to making this exercise effective  is to generate the true feeling of calm and balance.You can substitute calm and balance at times with breathing the feeling of appreciation or compassion (or whatever attitude you choose to breathe). This can be done in a quiet place or while walking, jogging, and even in a conversation once you get familiar with it.

Take some time for yourself daily.

Marion & Tracy


  1. Thinking about taking a Heart Math class. All about opening my heart for the right reasons.

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