Announcing the Launch of ‘Muhammad’ By Deepak Chopra MD

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz MD & Marion PhD) are thrilled to participate in announcing that Deepak Chopra, MD now goes boldly beyond the headlines, the controversy, the fears and confusion, to bring us the third in his series of “teaching novels” about the world’s greatest spiritual leaders.

Never has there been a more suitable story teller than Deepak Chopra, with his Eastern background and spiritual wisdom combined with his experience of life and learning in the Western world, to tackle such a hot-button topic…

…and provide the perfect antidote to this widespread and disillusioned prejudice.

In “MUHAMMAD: A Story of the Last Prophet” he shows us a man who, against all odds, rose above his humble origins as an illiterate orphan … a man who claimed no divinity for himself

Get all the details on this refreshingly eye-opening book right here.

You could even win signed copies of the entire series! 🙂 Check it out!!!

Deepak Chopra, MD with The Shift Doctors (Marion Ross, PhD & Tracy Latz, MD)

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