A New Dawn Awaits by E.Dee Conrad

The Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.) had the pleasure of participating in a 3-day teleseminar with E.Dee Conrad last week on the Shift that is in process at this time. We are happy to participate in today’s launch of  the new book by E.Dee Conrad, A New Dawn Awaits: The Times ahead and How to Shift Your Consciousness.

What is most interesting, although it wasn’t planned this way in advance, is that this book, which has so much to do with the future of humanity, is celebrating its launch on World Peace Day. In this era where stress and anxiety are arguably the number-1 causes of so many of our physical and sociological ailments today, the link between E.Dee’s book and World Peace Day seems most appropriate.


A New Dawn Awaits is described as being, “a compassionate and inspiring channelled collection of short inspirational reflections, bringing together wisdom of the ages, showing us how to access knowledge that has been part of our consciousness, but has been dormant, for eons. It is a book to help readers reach inwards into their divine essence and outwards to the energy that connects us as one humanity.”

If you purchase A New Dawn Awaits today, you can receive a complete library of personal development gifts from dozens of leading authors, coaches, healers and teachers on the subject of consciousness and self-awareness.

To purchase the book  & claim your bonus gifts, just go to http://tinyurl.com/NewDawnAwaits

Enjoy!! 🙂

Lynn Serafinn, E.Dee Conrad & The Shift Doctors

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