2012 – A SHIFT in Consciousness

I have heard of various theories of what is meant to occur at 2012 (or 2014 or a few years later depending on who you talk to).  There are indeed similarities in what various cultures and people profess to be what is to occur.

What resonates with me (as “Knowings” or Absolute Truth for each of us is what truly resonates within the fibre of our inner being) is that we are in a time of great consciousness SHIFTing.  As we choose to SHIFT toward being more Heart-centered instead of motivated solely by intellect, then we will raise the vibration of our consciousness.  Once we do this, our perceptions of our existence, our surroundings, and the world as a whole will SHIFT as well.  There will be a lifting of the “veil” of ‘maya’ or illusion.  Reality will change from how we previously knew it.

When we choose to live from a place of love and compassion rather than from a a place of fear, there will be more awareness of connectedness between and among each person residing on Earth… and an increasing connectedness to all life on the planet.  We won’t take things personally.  There will be no need for war as we recognize that we are all connected and there is abundance available to and for all of us.  A sense of lack and futility will fall away.

However, for those who do not choose to SHIFT their consciousness and vibration, there will be increasing fear as there will be no manner to comprehend intellectually the changes that will be occurring.  For these people it will seem that suffering will increase.  It will only be the ones with the heart connection that will be in peace within.

Yes, there will be changes that will occur in the near future… but change does not have to be scary… or bad… or threatening.  There is neither good nor bad…. it is all good.  Without the darkness it would be impossible to see the Light…. but the Light is always there.  We have but to open our eyes and our hearts to see it, touch it, taste it, and know it with every fibre of our being.
Tracy Latz, M.D.

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