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12 Days of Christmas: Sacred Space and Ritual for Creation in The New Year

12 Days of Inner Christmas

12 Holy Nights Dec 25 – Jan 6 Inner Christmas: There is a practice of inner renewal and development that begins on December 25 and unfolds nightly through January 6, the day of Epiphany. These are the 12 Holy Nights. Our souls experience a unique connection with spiritual forces during this time, as the “veils between heaven and earth lift and powerful inner insight and growth are possible.”  ~ Lynn Jericho

This is the perfect time of year (in the Yuletide prior to Epiphany on January 6th) to create sacred space to connect with that ‘inner still small voice’. The “12 Days of Christmas” in popular holiday songs refers to these 12 sacred nights of meditative reflection which is a time for setting your most heartfelt intention to create in your life for the coming year. Each of the 12 nights of intention reflects each of the 12 months of the coming year cycle.  This is an incredibly powerful time of sacred creation that has been watered down in our society.  Today we speak of a ‘New Year resolution’ that carries only a fraction of the power of creation as it is done from the mind rather than a mindful, heartfelt connection to your own True Essence. The reference in the holiday song that states “on the _th day of Christmas my True Love brings to me…..” refers to each day following the holy night of creation where we can mindfully open up to ‘allow’ your own True Essence (Soul) to co-create in your life.

You should be mindful to make your creative statement a positive intention (not a “I do not want…. anymore”) for what you desire with all your heart – and see it as if it has already occurred (rather than “one day I want” so you are not creating that you “hope it will occur” and yet it never quite does over the next year). 😉

What is ‘Sacred Space’?

Sacred space can be as small as a deep cleansing breath you take in to clear your self or to prepare for meditation; or it can be a small physical space such as a window sill, an altar, or a larger space in a room in a home; or it may be larger still such as a garden or a cathedral or an ancient megalithic site. The primary importance is the intention of setting the space for sacred use or sacred connection to Nature, the ‘Divine’ or “All that is” in order to experience “I Am that I Am”. How to Create Your Space? It helps to choose a space that will not be likely to get cluttered or mixed with other energies. It may be a

Altars and Sacred Space on St. Michael Ley Linepersonal space for your own private use, or may be a space you choose to share with your children, family, or friends. It may be indoors or outdoors. Once you have settled on the area where you desire to set sacred intention, you may wish to choose items or symbols that have special meaning to you or that open your heart for connection to that which is sacred to you. For some that may be pictures of spiritual or religious figures, or it may be pictures of loved ones, or it may be personal items you cherish that have special meaning for you in your spiritual journey (feathers, rocks, shells, crystals, totems, crosses, plants to attract different energies, divination tools, etc.). You may choose to have candles which raise the vibration of the area when lit or incense. You may create your sacred space in a small corner of a room where you place a small altar, or if space is limited transform a small windowsill into a miniature altar. Or you may consider creating an outdoor altar. Use your intuition to determine where and what your sacred space will consist of. Trust your intuition as your True Essence ‘knows’ what you need to be centered and guided daily in your path. Medicine Wheel on St. Michael Ley Line You might even consider creating a Medicine Wheel as a sacred space in your yard if you are drawn to nature or American Indian traditions. A Medicine Wheel can be as small as a foot in diameter or as large as 30+ feet in diameter and can be used for mediation, connecting with Earth energy, or for healing space for self or others.

You are limited only by your intention and your imagination as to how you decide to create your sacred space. 🙂

Once you have created your space, you will want to energize it, raise the vibration of the area, or honor it in some ritual that resonates with your spiritual beliefs.

Use of Sacred Ritual in Sacred Space

Sacred Dance Castlerigg Stone CircleSacred ritual can be used to consecrate a sacred space, clear a space, celebrate a personal event or anniversary, to clarify a life decision or transition, or to be more present and conscious in your life or life purpose. Sacred ritual may also be used seasonally to celebrate changes in seasons, solstices, astronomical events, new beginnings, sacred holidays or anniversaries.

Ritual in the form of music, toning or chanting (such as ‘Om’, “The Divine Name” or ‘The 12 Permutations of the Sacred Name of God’) can raise the vibration or energy of a sacred space. Ritual in the form of sacred prayer (such as the Kodoish prayer, ‘Our Father’ prayer, or the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram) or sacred dance (Druidic, Celtic or Whirling Dervish dancing) can also elevate the energy of a Sacred Prayer at Altar St. Michael Churchsacred space.

Lighting candles, burning incense, use of essences or sacred oils can also raise vibration of a specific space. Once the space has been lifted to a higher vibration through any of the above-mentioned sacred rituals, you can palpably feel the difference and most people find a shift in the depth, quality and ease of sacred, meditative or prayerful experiences in the area.

Begin your New Year by embarking on your own spiritual journey – or by taking your spiritual path to a deeper and more meaningful level. Your True Essence, Spiritual Essence, or ‘Soul’ is longing to connect and communicate with you on a daily basis.

Sending you all Loads of Love & Light in your journey and into the New Year! Bright Blessings 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much! I’ve incorporated many of your ideas and will bookmark this to add more. Right now, I’ve got a candle, a poinsettia, and a beautiful old ceramic owl from Mexico on an antique, mirrored dresser serving this purpose for me.

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