​Spiritual Keys to Mystical Healing: Harnessing the Power of your Etheric Field

Saturday March 19, 2016  at 4:10pm at  Shift Charlotte

Each of us are born not just with a physical anatomy; part of our existence is also defined by our spiritual anatomy yet this aspect of who we are is not nearly as well understood.  Join Tracy and Marion in this enlightening workshop to learn how our souls create in our world through your etheric body, a part of your spiritual anatomy.

The connection between Source and our physical bodies occurs in the manifestation of our etheric body.  Our souls express out of source in the physical realm and many physical realm attributes contribute to a diminishing of our light body emanation.  The path to better understanding the effects of all of our anatomies as they entwine in our lives is the path towards better health and a more vital existence.

Learn powerful ways to harness the power of your etheric field.  Also, add to your universal understandings by learning about why the Charlotte region is special according to a variety of esoteric teachings and how etheric fields are amplified by planetary forces. This workshop can jumpstart your mystical journey or take you to the next level and Shift Your Life!

Tickets at www.shiftcharlotte.com