Awakening Awareness

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Awakening Awareness is a 5-week interactive course where you learn to master your mind chatter, be present in the moment, stop taking things personally, release your attachment to your pain body, and sense your connectedness to everyone and everything. You learn to walk as a shaman with awareness of both the visible and invisible worlds. Take advantage of our introductory price!


Awakening Awareness is a 5-week interactive course in which “shift doctors” Tracy Latz and Marion Ross take you on a transformative journey toward inner peace and reclaiming the power of full presence. In this course you will be give the opportunity to interact in discussion with your teachers and classmates alike in an online forum. Each lesson creates opportunity for personal growth and introspection with homework discussions to help you fully understand and experience the crucial take-away keys to unlock your full potential.

Dr.’s Latz and Ross will give you the keys to help you:

  • Recognize and Stop the Chatter in your head that runs your life
  • Master Your Mind
  • Be in the flow
  • Direct your thoughts and attention towards your goals
  • Recognize and Break unwanted emotional reactions and patterns
  • Consciously Create Your Life
  • Understand who you really are as a spiritual being expressing on the planet
  • Learn the secrets of How to Create Happiness within
  • Lower your Stress Level and Reduce Anxiety
  • Change your relationship to everyone and everything
  • Access your subconscious mind to change your brain wave patterns
  • Learn ways to rewire your brain to create a better you
  • Discover how meditation helps you open your heart, heal, find joy and sense a greater connectedness to everything
  • Decrease perception of emotional, physical and spiritual pain